Who We Are

LeaderSages helps individuals and organizations embrace, apply and live leadership through real-world experiences from hands-on leaders. Combining deep experiential bases with current leadership practices, we challenge, motivate and generate. With programs and solutions focused on new and emerging leaders, succession planning for senior leadership positions, and organizations developing a positive leadership-based culture, we drive, encourage and create success stories.

Because leaders are not born, they are grown.


How We Work


Your Job

As my client, your job is to be open, courageous, and committed to the sometimes uncomfortable yet invaluable process of growth.

My Job

As your coach, my job is to create a supportive learning space, show up with non-judgmental curiosity, and bring my awareness, insightful and powerful questions, and real-life experiences to assist you with structure, accountability, and the journey to leadership.


Who We Work With

LeaderSages is not for everyone. Do you have what it takes to lead?  And do you want to get what it takes from experienced leaders?

Our most successful relationships include:


New & Emerging Leaders


Designated Successors at Executive/”C-staff” Level


Groups of First-time Leaders


Conference Attendees


What Our Clients Say