Welcome to LeaderSages

I was fortunate.

I had good leaders early in my career. Principled, sound leaders. Leaders who cared, who mentored, who challenged, and who disciplined. Leaders with character, courage, and commitment.

As my career progressed, I enjoyed many instances to apply the teachings of and experiences from those leaders – and create my own leadership style and approach. I incorporated many leadership lessons learned – both good, and the not-so-good – in that approach. I led – and encouraged others to lead.

And I’ve wondered – if I hadn’t experienced good leadership early in my career – if leadership had been weak and ineffective – nonexistent – focused on negative reinforcement and overly reliant on the punishment and discipline aspects of leadership – if an organization’s “leaders” created and enabled a toxic climate – would I have been jaded? Skeptical? Withdrawn? And unable to recognize or enjoy a good leadership culture?

Unable or unwilling to develop my own leadership style?

I may never know that – but here’s what I do know, based on personal experience. Organizations and individuals that lead are organizations and individuals who succeed. And those who lack, ignore, or fail to develop leaders within their organizations – or within themselves – don’t succeed.

Many people want to lead. They’re up for the challenge. They’ve earned a position or promotion with inherent leadership responsibilities based on their qualifications, their performance, and their potential – as managers. Yet, they may not know where to start – as leaders.

Enter LeaderSages.

I founded LeaderSages with the vision to help individuals lead and help organizations embrace leadership. Through individual coaching, leader development programs, executive consulting, and organizational assessment and advice, LeaderSages applies real-world experiences from hands-on leaders. We not only wrote the business cases – we were (and are) the business cases. Combining this deep experiential basis with current leadership theory, we challenge, motivate, and generate.

With programs and solutions focused on new and emerging leaders, on succession plan designees for senior leadership positions, and on organizations developing a positive leadership-based culture, we drive, encourage, and create leadership success stories.

Are you ready to write your story? Let’s begin the journey.