Coaching & Career Services

Our services focus on bringing out the best in people and organizations; preparing people and organizations for future roles and functions; and, enabling people and organizations to optimize and maximize their potential.


Leadership Coaching

  • Enabling and equipping new and emerging leaders to succeed

  • Preparing technical, scientific, legal, and other professionals for leadership

  • Providing career coaching, including transition coaching for leadership positions


Executive Consulting

  • Guiding executive transition, succession planning, and organizational sustainability

  • Conducting skilled and results-generating facilitation

  • Developing practical, actionable strategies to achieve organizational goals


Industry Advisory

  • Accelerating growth, revenue, and progress toward organizational goals

  • Guiding strategic leadership and linking operational objectives with organizational strategy

  • Coaching for opportunity-specific oral proposals, to include preparation and execution

Professional Development Speaking Sessions

LeaderSages speaks on topics that support personal and professional development. Our highly interactive sessions stimulate much discussion and dialogue between participants and the instructor.

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Topics include:

  • Seven Cs of Leadership: Character, Courage, Communication, Challenge, Connection, Commitment, and Culture

  • The Power of Relationships: Finding, Cultivating, and Networking

  • The Power of Communications: Not Just Hearing, but Listening

  • Business Owners: The Little Things Are the Big Things

  • Richardson’s Rules: Life and Leadership Lessons from Over 80 Experiences and "Rules" (learn more)

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